Carga Transport & Cargo - Responsive HTML5 Template

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To install this HTML template you will need to upload all files and folders using an FTP client. We recommend using FileZilla FTP client. To upload your template you will need the following:

  • Domain
  • FTP Username
  • FTP Password

Once connected make sure to upload All files and folders within your preferred choice of styles within the "Carga" folder of your download package.

After request from our user, we have added a new feature in the template; Track Order & Trace System. It is to be believed the first of its kind in HTML template. Normally this feature is added in WordPress Versions but We tried to give Minimal Functionality of the tracking and ordering system in the HTML too.

Below I am explaining how you can access this and use it.

NOTE: Try to give this access to only the responsible person, In case this system used by any hacker or unknown person he/she could damage your record of clients and orders.

  • How To Install
  • Welcome To Home Screen
  • Create/Add Order
  • Update Order
  • View All Orders
  • Track Order
  • Delete Order

'track-trace' folder contains All files and folders related to track trace system

1. How To Install

Step 1: Goto 'carga/track-trace/config.php' file and update database username and password.


Step 2: After adding correct logins, you need to access the install.php to install the 'test' database.

Access Your URL in Browser like this: (this will install the database and create a table for you)


A sample database is added inside the package as well, you can find it here carga\track-trace\data\sample-db.sql) You can add sample database for sample records. How to Import any database

2. Welcome To Home Screen

Step 3: After adding database successfully, access URL to view Home Screen (Keep this URL secret, any unknown access could cause damages to your record)


3. Create/Add Order

Step 4: From welcome screen, you can add order/shipment


Add data in fields to add record


After successfully adding the order, You will get Tracking ID here

tracking-id click-back-to-home

4. Update Order

Step 5: Update any added record from here


It will get you to this screen


Click on 'Edit' button here. Click 'Submit' to update the record.


5. View All Records

Step 6: You can also view all records/orders here


6. Track Order Using Tracking ID

Step 7: You can track any order using tracking ID, Add the tracking id and HIT enter.


You will get the result on same screen


Click 'Back TO Home' to return to the 'Welcome Screen'

7. Delete Any Order

Step 8: You can delete any completed order or cancelled order if required.


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